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Shirt Boxes

To store and arrange shirts, various types of shirt boxes can be utilized. The most typical kind of shirt storage boxes are hanging ones. But they can also be placed on a bureau or dresser. Usually, the box's height can be changed. As a result, it may be altered to fit any shirt size. Generally speaking, standing boxes are shorter and wider than hanging boxes. They can also accommodate extra shirts. In order to assist organize the shirts, standing box variants frequently feature shelving.

About the packaging of your shirts. They must arrive in flawless shape. We fill those needs with our shirt boxes. We recognize your desire for your shirts to appear fantastic and stick out from the crowd. Because of this, we provide some of the top design characteristics available on the market, ranging from original box designs to excellent printing. To make your shirts appear their best, we offer everything you need. There are various front- and top-loading box variants available. However, using them takes a little more work. Try us out right now to see for yourself how fantastic our packaging boxes are! 

What are shirt packaging boxes?

Look no farther than our shirt packing boxes for a practical and distinctive solution to package your shirts! Our boxes are built from premium components. Your shirts will be shielded from damage during transit as a result. Additionally, our designs are outstanding and will astonish your clients. See some of our most well-liked selections below.

Design Features 

Your shirts will look fantastic in our bespoke shirt boxes because to their distinctive design. Each of  is composed of strong cardboard box and has a printed logo on the front. Additionally, the boxes are shrink-wrapped to keep the shirts clean and in good condition. We enjoy keeping things straightforward and organized. This is why we employ design elements that enable us to maintain the simplicity and usability of our shirt boxes.

  • First, we employ an uncomplicated layout. There are no flashy graphics or other obtrusive features. This decreases the time you need to spend sorting your shirts and makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for.
  • Secondly, we maintain box organization by kind. Each box has a different chamber inside of it. for hoodies, tanks, t-shirts, and undershirts. This makes it simple to locate what you require.
  • Finally, we check to see that each box is solid and long-lasting. so that you can store it without concern. Our boxes are constructed from premium components that can withstand normal wear and tear.

What features do our environmentally friendly boxes have?

We use post-consumer recycled materials to make the environmentally friendly boxes we offer. This indicates that they are created from various materials that have already been recycled and have been used in other items in the past. We also employ low-emission printing and cutting techniques to lessen our influence on the environment. These steps are combined with the 100 percent renewable energy we use. This implies that not only are our eco-friendly boxes sustainable, but they are also environmentally friendly.

We provide wholesale prices and savings on all packaging products.

Check out our website right away if you want to save some money on your shirt packaging! We provide the most affordable pricing on wholesale shirt boxes with distinctive design elements. Our boxes are constructed using premium components. They are ideal for giving your shirts to customers or retailers. Furthermore, the eye-catching designs of our boxes will draw attention.

Printing methods that we use for our shirt boxes

Some methods used include offset printing, digital printing, and laser cutting. We use different types of ink and paper to achieve the best results for our shirts.

Offset Printing: 

Large plates that are positioned on an adjustable bed are used in the printing process known as offset. The print task is broken up into manageable pieces. Then, at certain intervals and in a specific order, they are fed onto the various plates. For projects with a high volume, this technique is frequently utilized.

Digital Printing: 

Digital printing is a process that creates prints from digital images. The photos are then transformed into digital codes, which are used to produce the image on the paper. Low-volume jobs frequently employ this technique.

Laser Cutting:

In the process of making accurate cuts in sheets of metal or other materials, lasers are used. When precise cuts are necessary for high-quality printing, this technique is frequently used.


Are you looking for the top shirt boxes with distinctive design elements? Count on the assistance of our CustomGiftBoxes staff. We provide some of the most inventive and distinctive shirt packaging boxes available right now. Perfect for any business looking to stand out from the competition. We know what it takes to create high-quality shirt packaging boxes that will wow your customers. and help you stand out from the rivalry. So don't hesitate to give us a call today! We would be happy to show you some of our latest designs. and help you choose the perfect one for your business.