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Magnetic Box

Visit if you're looking for a sturdy magnetic box that satisfies your unique and covert requirements. You can choose the ideal box for your requirements from our large and varied selection of alternatives. Additionally, we offer excellent customer service, so you may feel confident in your purchase.

What is a magnetic box?

The magnetic box has a magnet inside and is composed of a sturdy metal frame. The magnet draws the box toward it when it is turned on. As a result, the box is incredibly stable and can't move. Small boxes like jewelry, coupons, or gift cards fit well in them. They're also a terrific choice for keeping books, CDs, and DVDs organized. The colors and patterns available for rigid magnetic boxes are diverse. Additionally, it's simple to customize them with your own text or artwork. Additionally, a range of box shapes and sizes are available.

How do they function?

Custom magnetic boxes from are the ideal gift if you want something special and useful. Magnetic lids on rigid boxes are used to hold things in place. Without a frame or other supports, the magnets' magnetic field holds the object in place. They are the perfect option for storing and organizing tiny goods because of this. The boxes are constructed from durable, robust materials that can support large goods. The boxes are also built solidly, making them damage-resistant. They can therefore be used to keep delicate or priceless goods. They can be used to keep things organized in the office, house, or storage space. They can be ordered with or without die cutting in any bespoke size. with the use of many protective coatings, including spot UV, gloss, matte, aqueous, and many others. Foam inserts can be added to boxes to improve their aesthetics and functionality.

The printing techniques include:

Rigid boxes with magnetic closures are used in a range of sectors, including packaging, transportation, and pharmaceuticals. They can be printed using a few different printing techniques.

Thermal transfer: 

Thermal transfer printing is the most used printing technique. The graphics on the box are produced using heat in this technique. Inkjet printing and screen printing are some additional printing techniques that can be used.

3D printing:

The usage of magnetic boxes as an output medium for 3D printing has recently seen a resurgence after the invention of 3D printing. These boxes are a popular option for many kinds of 3D printing since they provide a lot of advantages. They are simple to print, provide robust prints, and require little assembly.

Offset printing:

This method uses a special vinyl paper that is cut to size and used as the box's cover once the printer prints the picture onto it. The box is then loaded with a substance of some sort. For instance, metal powder is heated until it melts. The melted substance is put into the box and forcefully pressed down after it has cooled. The rigid box cover image is perfectly reproduced in print thanks to this procedure.

Digital printing:

This method uses a computer software to generate an image that will serve as the box's cover. The completed image is then transferred to a piece of paper or plastic that has been cut to size. Then, using hot glue or other adhesive, secure the plastic or paper sheet to the front and rear of the box. The glue hardens into a substance that can hold the picture in place once it has cooled.

Which Magnetic Box Type Is Best for You?

Making the choice of the ideal box for you can be challenging. Here are some crucial factors to take into account while selecting a box:

  • Size: The size of your box will determine how much room it occupies and how maneuverable it is. It will be simpler to transport and store a smaller package.
  • Design: Some boxes feature front- and back-opening doors. In contrast, others are more compact and have only one door. The design of the box also affects how easily items can be accessed.
  • Compatibility: Certain boxes are compatible with other accessories. like dividers or lids, which can make organizing your items even easier.

Ultimately, what matters most is what you need the box for. Also, consider whether the rigid magnetic box from is a good fit for you.

What do we offer?

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