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You can keep your CCTV camera in mint condition with its own protective CCTV box, which will make it easy for you to store and catalog it. They are made of rigid box, which is sturdy enough to protect your camera from any external damage or accidents. The box has a cutout for the lens so that the camera doesn't get scratched by other things when kept inside the box.

Printing options for the CCTV box:

We offer all sorts of custom printing options for your boxes. Our most salient printing features include the following:

  • Standard printing on one or both sides of the box
  • Layout printing on one side only.
  • hole cutouts for the lens to prevent scratches.
  • Metallic print on one or both sides of the box
  • Custom branding on one or both sides of the box
  • Window cutouts on one or both sides of the box
  • Custom colors and designs are possible.
  • UV-resistant printing

Standard printing:

Standard printing is the most common type of printing, and it uses text or images to print on both sides of the cardboard box.

Layout printing:

Layout printing is a type of printing that uses text or images to print only on one side of the box.

Metallic printing:

Metallic print is a type of printing that uses metal particles to create an intricate design on one or both sides of the cardboard box.

Custom branding:

Custom branding is a type of printing that allows you to add your company's name, logo, or other text or images onto either side of the cardboard box.

UV-resistant printing: 

UV-resistant printing is a special type of printing that can resist the damaging effects of UV radiation. This makes it ideal for use in locations where there is a risk of vulnerability to sunlight. such as for outdoor security cameras or at outdoor events.

Customization that matters:

When choosing a custom CCTV box, it is important to consider the adaptive needs of your camera. For example, if you plan on using the box to store and transport your camera, you may want to choose one with durable construction that can withstand bumps and knocks. Additionally, some boxes come with customization options like printing or hole cutouts specifically designed for your camera. Cameras are important tools that make our lives easier. But they also have unique security needs. That is why we offer custom CCTV boxes that can protect your equipment from any possible damage. Not only are these boxes durable and shockproof, but they are also easy to install and uninstall. In addition, each box comes with a lifetime warranty. So you can rest assured knowing that your camera is being protected from all kinds of accidents.

CCTV box with affordable offers:

We agree that your business is more than just a name on the door. That's why we offer our CCTV boxes at wholesale prices with high-quality materials and a sturdy construction. You can be sure that your boxes will last for years to come. Also, our box sizes are perfect for storing all types of valuable items. So you can rest assured that your merchandise will be safe and secure. with custom inserts and placeholder options. You can also save money by fitting all your camera accessories in a single box.

Speedy order completion:

Tired of slow shipping? Looking for a CCTV box supplier to receive your package quickly? is here to help! with the fastest box production and delivery all across the world. Our boxes are sure to get where they're going as soon as possible. Our box production process is secure and consistent. So you can rest assured knowing that your packages will arrive safely. And because we have warehouses all over the USA, we can deliver boxes quickly and efficiently. Don't wait any longer—order today from!


1. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free standard shipping on CCTV box orders within the United States. International deliveries are not currently included in our free shipping promotion. But they can be delivered via our flat-rate box shipping fee. with an additional cost associated with them.

2. Do you offer rush shipping?

Yes, we do offer rush shipping. For a fee, you can have your order shipped within 1-2 business days.

3. Can I design my own box?

Yes! You can also create your own design. You will need to account for the box's dimensions (length, width, and height). as well as its content. Additionally, you will also need to think about what type of aesthetic you want your box to have.

4. Can you design my box?

Yes, we can. Our creative professionals have over 10 years of involvement in graphic design and development. We know how to create engaging and interesting boxes. That will resonate with your audience. Our approach is relationship-based marketing, so you get the most out of each interaction between you and your customers. We take pride in our work, and we are also passionate about it, which is reflected in the high quality of our finished product. when it comes to box design. There are no limits to what we can achieve!